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Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu nr. 25, Bl. 10, parter
Agency Smith - Focsani
+4.0237.210.511 Opening Times Mo.-Fr.: 09:00 - 18:00   Sa.: 10:00 - 12:00   Su.: CLOSED  
Bd. Unirii Nr.24 Sc.2 parter ap.46
Focsani - SpeedTransfer
0040731131220 Opening Times Mo.-Fr.: 8:00-17:00   Sa.: 9:00-13:00   Su.: closed  
Focsani, Str.Brailei nr.2
Smith&Smith, BCR, Big Centru
Str. Brailei nr.42
Smith&Smith, BCR, Carpati
+4.021.335.88.00 Opening Times Mo.-Fr.: 08:30-17:00   Sa.: 08:30-12:30  
Focsani, Str. Fundatura Cuza Voda nr. 1
Smith&Smith, BCR, Focsani
0237 / 217700 Opening Times Mo.-Fr.: 08:30-16:00   Sa.: 08:30-12:30  
B-dul Bucuresti, nr. 27, bl. L1, L2
Smith&Smith, BCR, Milcov
+4.021.335.88.00 Opening Times Mo.-Fr.: 08:30-17:00   Sa.: 08:30-12:30  
Focsani, Str.Independentei nr.1 bl.9, parter
Smith&Smith, BCR, Piata Moldovei
Romania, Focsani, Focsani, Str Cuza Voda, nr.28-30
Smith&Smith, Focsani
+4.0237 213.105 Opening Times Mo.-Fr.: Monday - Friday 9 -   Sa.: closed   Su.: closed