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Easy to Send, Easy to Receive is a Fast, Secure and Low Cost money transfer service that lets you send money to over 160 countries

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Awesome  service SendMoney24!
Awesome service SendMoney24!

I travel much and this is the best way to receive money from my parents anytime and anywhere! Keep it up.

Maria Perez
Very Fast and Easy service!
Very Fast and Easy service!

I send money to my family in Ukraine every month. It's so quick and easy, my family receives the money within several minutes. Thank you for great customer service. Will recommend to all my frineds.

Gleb Antipov

153 Countries Available

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  • Low cost

    Save up to 70% on your money transfers abroad with our low fees and guaranteed exchange rates. No hidden bank fees or charges.

  • Safe and secure

    We are regulated by the FCA and HMRC in the UK and use a proven secure technology to keep your data safe and secure which is our number one priority.

  • Superior customer service

    We do our utmost to make it easy for our customers to send cash abroad, dealing speedily and efficiently with their enquiries.

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