Complaints Handling Policy

SendMoney24 Complaints Handling Policy
Help to put things right

Send Money 24 is committed to delivering an efficient and professional service. We aim to provide prompt, courteous, helpful, open and informative advice in response to every approach made by a member of public. We are always keen to hear the views of our customers, particularly the general public, about our performance generally - what we do right and what we do wrong.

We recognize that, like all organizations, from time to time things can go wrong, and we do not provide the Standards of Service that we have set ourselves. We are especially keen to hear about such instances since they provide us with an opportunity to put things right and to learn from our mistakes. That way, we can get it right next time.

How to make a complaint

You can make a complaint in writing by letter or email. If you are emailing, please let us know if a reply by email is acceptable and, if not, please provide a full postal address.

Complaints should normally be directed to the member of staff with whom you have been dealing. This will give them the opportunity to explain what actions have been taken and to try to sort things out with you. If you would prefer, you can ask the member of staff for the name of their line manager and direct your complaint to them.

What happens next?

We will use our best endeavours to:

- treat complaints thoroughly, fairly and politely, and investigate them sensitively; and

- respond promptly. Our target for replying to complaints is 15 working days from the date of receipt. If it is not possible to give you a full reply within this time - for instance because detailed investigation is required - we will give you an interim response, telling you what is being done to deal with your complaint, and when you can expect the full reply and from whom.

Our first response to your complaint should resolve your problem; however, if you are unhappy with our reply, or need further help, you can write to Complaints Officer who will consider the issues afresh, and try to resolve them.

Complaints Officer

Send Money 24 Ltd

Compass House, Vision Park,

Chivers Way, Histon,

Cambridge, CB24 9AD,



If, even after this stage, you remain dissatisfied with the response you may wish to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) for further advice and guidance. This will not affect your legal rights.

Financial Ombudsman Service

South Quay Plaza

183 Marsh Wall

London E14 9SR

Ultimate Redress

If, after contacting all parties the complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint then they may seek redress through the FOS and ultimately the courts if they so wish. Details of the FOS are provided below.

In each instance, we would record upon the complaint file what advice was provided and we would reclassify the complaint to note that it has been "Investigated but not resolved". Such claims have been deemed to be investigated by Send Money 24 and reported to the FSA on this basis.

Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

The FOS is an independent and government-backed service designed to help retail consumers and small commercial businesses (annual turnover of less than £1million) who find themselves in a dispute with a financial organization such as us.

It is a free service and it can be contacted at any point in a dispute providing the complainant has first contacted the financial organization with whom the dispute relates to. Most cases are resolved within a 6-month period however some inevitably take longer (depending on the nature and complexity of the case).

The FOS can consider complaints about a wide range of financial matters - from insurance and mortgages to savings and investments. They are not a regulator or trade body or a consumer champion - their role is to take an objective standpoint and help settle disputes.

Consumers do not have to accept any decision made by the Financial Ombudsman and at all times the consumer has the right to seek redress in a court should they so wish. However if the Ombudsman decision is accepted by the complainant then it is binding both the firm and the complainant.

To contact the FOS, consumers should write or telephone or email their situation to:

Financial Ombudsman Service

South Quay Plaza 183 Marsh Wall

London E14 9SR

Telephone No: +44 845 0801800

Email address:

More information on the FOS can be obtained by visiting

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