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Money Transfers

International Money Transfers
Looking for a secure but cheap way to send money transfers? Look no further...

At you can send and delivery method. Our low fees and guaranteed exchange rates are clearly displayed.

2. Add recipient details
Choose from a list of people you’ve sent money before or create a new recipient by entering their full name as on their identity document, address and other relevant information such as cash pick-up location or bank account number.

3. Confirm and pay
Review your transfer details and make a payment, your money will be on its way. You can track your transfer status and view details of your money transfer in the Transfers section of your account.

Our growing customer base includes migrants sending money transfers to support their family and loved ones, pay off debt, buy homes as well as individuals paying for goods and services abroad and small and medium-sized businesses making payments to their employees, Your 1st Transfer is FREE - Send money transfers, with confidence!

Need Help? Try our Frequently Asked Questions on how to send cheap money transfer abroad.

Have a Question? Contact us, we will be happy to help you with our secure money transfer service.

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